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A question on Lookjed, linked to by Sruliblog, contains the following paragraph: At a gathering about a month ago, Rabbi Hershel Schachter of YU was asked whether <b>single</b> <b>women</b> who have no intention of keeping the severe Biblical transgression of nidah should be encouraged to go to mikveh.
Among other commands, he instructed <b>mikvah</b> attendants—commonly known as <b>mikvah</b> ladies—to prevent <b>single</b> <b>women</b> from taking the ritual bath. Rabbi Metzger's prohibition came at a coincidental time for me: Just a few days earlier, ...
I place HaShem before me, always. (Psalm 16:Cool This is a great rule of the Torah! (Shulkhan Arukh)-----
Whilst I commend your honesty and intention, the issue of <b>Mikvah</b> is really secondary to the real challenge of premarital sex. Practically speaking no Rav is going to get up and say it is allowed but a significant number do indeed recognize the reality to my personal knowledge.
The Rabbis added an injunction against <b>single</b> <b>women</b> <b>using</b> the mikveh, so as not to encourage them to have intercourse. Yet what if the woman has already decided to have intercourse, or is even already doing so on a regular basis?
There's is something to this. I have missed the point entirely but I have this simply came out this way. That is why I've purposely stopped concentrating so much to learn from dating tips.
Like many of these types of arguments, it's a false argument. <b>Women's</b> <b>mikvah's</b> are NOT checking the id's of the <b>women</b> to see if they are married unless they arrive demanding to tovel as <b>single</b> <b>women</b>.
'Let <b>single</b> <b>women</b> immerse in mikveh' Religious Action Center appeals to religious services minister following incidents in which unmarried <b>women</b> were banned from ritual bath to avoid giving them halachic authorization for sexual relations.
Could a Jewish teenager go to the <b>mikvah</b> if she is not married and has been raped? ... While certainly someone is looking for an experience to mark a change from the past, we generally frown upon having <b>single</b> <b>women</b> use the <b>mikvah</b>, ...
When <b>single</b> <b>women</b> use the <b>mikvah</b> so that they are sinning less when sleeping with their boyfriends - that should be ok because they were born Jewish?! We would be shocked to be asked by the balanit to prove we are married, right? So, how is this ok?!!
Is it OK to use a <b>Mikvah</b> as a healing tool for survivors of sexual violence? 2. Do you think it would be helpful? 3. ... Basically, many don't want <b>single</b> <b>women</b> <b>using</b> the mikveh as they don't want to promote <b>single</b> unmarried people having sex.
B"H A very stupid story. Why? First of all, the <b>mikvah</b> has been off limits to <b>single</b> <b>women</b> for a long time. What's new, except for an opportunity for Metzger to smear the MOs?
<b>Single</b> <b>Women</b> Over 50 Travel *** <b>Single</b> <b>Women</b> <b>Using</b> <b>Mikvah</b> *** <b>Single</b> <b>Women</b> In Nyc » Best Bad Credit Cards *** Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit Rating *** What Credit Cards Can I Get With Bad Credit » The Koyal Group Private Training Services: ...
According to the Center, in many communities unmarried <b>women</b> have been banned from ritual baths to avoid giving them halachic authorization for sexual relations as <b>single</b> <b>women</b> - an act of discrimination constituting "a civil injustice and criminal offense."
The fear was that the impetigo was contagious and it might infect other <b>women</b> <b>using</b> the <b>mikvah</b>. Is that correct? ... amazed by your answer on <b>single</b> <b>women</b> immersing. Does that mean that a Jewish woman is perpetually unclean from menarche until marriage?
The issue becomes thornier for <b>single</b> <b>women</b>, who, except in specific circumstances, may not be permitted to use the <b>mikvah</b>. As for the disjunction between non-Orthodox practices and their own, the attendants don't need to know a person's deeply-held belief system.
<b>Women</b> will not be asked about their maritial status at the <b>Mikvah</b> and <b>single</b> <b>women</b> will have free range to use the service. I thought I'd use this opportunity to share a bit about my experience <b>using</b> Mikvot in Israel.
Since halakha (Jewish law) prohibits pre-marital sex, most Orthodox authorities are reluctant to allow <b>single</b> <b>women</b> to immerse in the <b>mikvah</b>, since the assumption is that they will then go on to engage in forbidden activities.
<b>single</b> <b>women</b>: why can't <b>single</b> <b>women</b> go to the <b>mikvah</b>? although I know the official answer, I am not so happy about it. We are taken away this incredible experience and for us it is reduced just to Nidda, even though, as the article states, ...
You see, in judaism, a woman is spiritually unclean after her menstrual cycle and must submerge in a <b>mikvah</b>, ... then sex between them does not constitute sexual immorality HOWEVER the woman must use the <b>mikvah</b>, and being most <b>single</b> <b>women</b> do not do this, ...
Ritual Baths: <b>Single</b> <b>women</b> and converts stay away by Rabbi Andrew Sacks The author makes a very good argument: the Israeli mikva'ot are public property, paid for my public tax-money, and therefore, they should be open to everyone who desires to use them.
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